CHADIS Social Determinants of Health and Child Maltreatment Project

CHADIS Social Determinants of Health and Child Maltreatment Project Interested in joining research aimed at preventing child maltreatment by addressing Social Determinants of Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? Join the CHADIS Family Stress Project! This is a multi-year NIH-funded effort that includes use of a family stressor screening questionnaire, an advanced decision support tool that gives moment-of-care prompts for Motivational Interviewing to move parents towards any needed services, and new functionality for tracking the success of referrals using CHADIS. Our team and CHADIS will provide support to clinicians on addressing social determinants and promoting positive parenting for children 0-2.5 years old. Consent by parents will be done online.

Office Incentives
• Quality improvement-based incentives for staff
• Free 25 Part 4 MOC Credits for doctors, with participation in required processes
• Two tablets for waiting room use for CHADIS completion
• Use of improved tools for screening and addressing social determinants of health, as dictated by study design, including Care Coordination Referral Software, and a Family Stress Patient-Specific Template in CHADIS.

Parent Incentives
• Parents will be paid for completing study questionnaires

Project Requirements
• Use advanced tools in CHADIS as required by the study
• Collaborate with the CHADIS team to increase questionnaire completion
• Complete surveys twice over the course of the project
• Report on missed vaccinations and well child visits at the end of the project

Please contact: We will give you more information about the project and ask a few follow-up questions to determine your eligibility.

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